America’s answer to Russian propaganda TV

Mr Tihonenko prepares

IGOR TIHONENKO, green-eyed, with sandy blond hair and a trim beard, looks into the camera and intones, “I took his words as a direction.” He is paraphrasing the explosive testimony of the former FBI director, James Comey, about President Donald Trump. Mr Tihonenko, a native of Belarus, is broadcasting live in Russian on the day of the Comey hearing to an audience in Russia and the states on its periphery. Shortly afterwards his Russian colleague, Roman Mamonov, checks in with a correspondent at one of the Washington bars that opened early to allow political junkies to drink along with the testimony. The hearing was broadcast in its entirety on the network (and on Facebook) in simultaneous Russian translation.

This is American state television, beamed from a studio beside Capitol Hill. Mr Tihonenko and Mr Mamonov are two of the youthful faces of Current Time, America’s answer to Russia Today (RT), the Kremlin’s propaganda network....Continue reading

Source: United States

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